The Case For a Better iPhone

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The iPhone has been looking more and more dated to me every day recently. Let’s run down the laundry list:

  • Screen: The Motorola Droid now has a FAR superior screen. Upping the resolution from 480px by 320px to 720px by 480px (almost doubling pixel density). If you’ve seen this one in person, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. The Droid’s screen is dramatically more impressive.
  • Home Screen: Again, Android 2.1 beats out iPhone here. Fully customizable with widgets, etc. I could really care less about customizability so long as I at least had new SMS, Mail and today’s Calendar on the home screen. This would eliminate MANY app opens
  • Camera: Looks like Google’s new baby, the Nexus One trounces the iPhone here, with a new 5MP camera and Flash, while the iPhone comes in at a modest 3MP and no flash. Come on guys, even Photo Booth on the Mac has a pseudo-flash.
  • Background Apps, App Switching: This has become a huge pain after seeing even far inferior phones like the Palm Pre destroy the iPhone’s workflow. Some may argue it’ll destroy battery life, and while I would mostly agree, I think it backgrounding should be on an app-by-app basis. All the iPhone OS has to do is ask if you want to “allow background processing” on an app as it opens. Then you’re volunteering for worse battery life. I’m cool with that, if it means I’m more efficient.
  • Better App Distribution: Palm OS wins a gold medal award here for originality. They have a similar application store to Apple, but if you don’t want to pay the fees and wait for approval, you can still release your app, but on your own website instead. That means that the app store itself is not endorsing your app, and it takes a user’s direct navigation to make it to your website, and thus, download your app. This allows developers to get releases that would otherwise not be endorsed by app stores out there.
I’m sure there are plenty more that I could think of, but that’s it for now…
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