Health Hacks: Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day and Feel Refreshed

I wake up at the same exact time every single day, feeling very refreshed, regardless of the amount of sleep I got the night before. Crazy right?

About six years back, I used to be the absolute worst in the mornings. I’d get pissed at the fact that my snooze would simply stop working after hitting it too many times. I looked as bad as Gollum every single morning. Then, as soon as I got to work, I’d drink no less than 3-4 cups of coffee. This just simply had to stop.

The Experiment

After doing a bit of research on the “body clock”, I decided to perform a little experiment on myself. The idea was that I would set my alarm for the same time every day:

For 30 days, I woke up at the same exact time every day (even weekends) and wasn’t allowed to hit the snooze alarm.

It sucked for those days. Really bad. But then, around day 28 or 29, I was feeling so much better. As in completely different than just a few weeks before. It took every little bit of constitution and discipline I had in me to get through the experiment, but it was worth it.

The Result

Now, six years later, I still wake up at the same time every day (somewhere between 6:30a and 7:30a) without an alarm at all. I picked this time because I believe it’s just better to be a morning person. You can wake up, accomplish your morning routine, and still have time to catch up on personal things, or maybe a bit of email before you head off to work (assuming 8:30a or 9a).

This has proven seriously advantageous for me, so I’ve been keen to recommend it to people, no matter how scary it sounds. I’m able to go to sleep whatever time I’d like, and because my body clock has been “instructed” to get out of a REM cycle between 6:30a and 7a, I can wake refreshed. Late night getting shit done? No worries, I’m still that same morning person, ready to go.


There are a couple of times where this method can be a little problematic. Case in point: strolling back into your hotel room after staying out to 4am in Vegas (this really happened). Sure enough, woke up next morning at 7am. The best remedy is a short (maybe 20min) nap sometime early afternoon. That usually fixes that problem.

The other time where this isn’t awesome is if you do a lot of coast-to-coast or international travel. Generally in those situations, I just force myself to sleep at whatever time the “locals” do it. That way, I begin telling my body clock to roll back or roll forward some bits.

Just Try It

It’s only for thirty days, what’s it going to hurt? If you try this out, be sure to leave a comment on this blog and let me know. I’ll be happy to provide moral support during the worst times!

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